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swampUP 2021

Hot Takes, Myths, And Falsehoods - Why Everyone Is Wrong About DevOps Except For Me

Everyone has an opinion about DevOps. The problem is, most people’s opinions are wrong. In this Ignite, I’ll spin through some of the more popular misconceptions about DevOps of the last year or so, and clarify them as only I know how.

Will Kubernetes save your soul? Are enterprises too stodgy for DevOps? Is immutable infrastructure even a thing? Can you devops without kitten gif’s? I’ll bust myths and take down thought-leaders with my tongue planted firmly in cheek.

26 May 2021

swampUP 2021

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Startups aren’t the only disruptors that your organization faces. Constantly changing environments and unexpected events such as COVID-19 make it clear that every organization needs to be resilient so they can deliver software faster while providing even more value to customers. In order to express the resilience of the socio-technical system that is your organization, you need to look beyond software development practices alone.

In this talk, we will investigate how global economies have been disrupted in the past, and draw a parallel to the same disruption that containers and cloud now present to modern technology organizations. We will look at the ways that we need to retrain, retool, and rethink to grow stronger and be more effective, and investigate the five elements needed for a true transformation.

25 May 2021

INS1GHTS2021: Build the Better Future

7 Things Executives Can Learn From Software Engineers

Given that today every company is a tech company, the overlap between technologists and executives becomes greater and greater. Don’t worry - the CFO doesn’t need to be able to build a Kubernetes cluster! However, many of the well-known practices in engineering can apply to organizational leadership skills. In this talk, Matt Stratton will take you on a journey through the lessons that an executive team can absorb from the disciplines of software engineering and operations.

24 June 2021