Charting Your Own Course Through the Cloud Native Landscape

A presentation at DeveloperWeek Cloud 2022 in in Austin, TX, USA by Matt Stratton

The cloud native landscape is notoriously vast, and there is no hope of one human ever understanding every piece of it. Perhaps you should just quit now! Or instead, join Matty and Whitney on a journey with three fictional learners who are all trying to level up their Kubernetes knowledge, but with different backgrounds, goals, and learning styles. They will share resources and learning strategies that are beneficial to each. Anecdotal stories about how some real-life, well-known Kubernetes community members got their start will be sprinkled in along the way! The goal is not to give a comprehensive view of the Kubernetes learning landscape but instead to leave you feeling empowered to define your own personal learning strategies and goals, and then to seek out the resources that will best help you!


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