Don't Panic! Effective Incident Response

A presentation at DevOpsDays Silicon Valley in in Mountain View, CA, USA by Matt Stratton

In today’s world, service downtime has a significant impact on any business. Being able to respond quickly and proactively to issues can dramatically reduce the repercussions of any incident, both financial and reputational. We’ll take lessons learned from formalized incident response, such as those used by first responders, and show you how to apply those same practices to your organization. By utilizing these methods you’ll improve both the speed and effectiveness of your team’s response, reducing the amount of downtime experienced.

In this workshop, attendees will:

-Be introduced to the Incident Command System and learn how it can be adapted to other industries. -Walk through the basics of incident response best practices. -Discuss examples of formal incident response from multiple organizations. -Perform hands-on exercises to practice incident response skills. -Have the opportunity to share their real-world experiences with each other.